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Welcome to Envirosafe ! Your Home for Cleaning Service.

Welcome to the Envirosafe!

Envirosafe is a privately-held company with roots deep in the commercial and residential cleaning industry. It’s founders looked for ways to reduce the toxic compounds being released into the environment. Back in the day, there were no alternatives. Cleaners with high VOC content, cleaners with acids, polishes with solvents. That’s all that was available.

Well, we didn’t take that lying down. Convinced that environmentally safe cleaning was the best cleaning, we set about to build our own cleaners that would be sensitive to both the environment and those who used them. That’s why our products are solvent-free, acid free, VOC & Paraben free. And we are way ahead of the curve even today.

The mission of educating everyone into the world of Envirosafe Cleaning has just begun. Now, Envirosafe is a world-wide organization with distributors in the continental United States, Hawaii, New Zealand, Japan, and other world locations. From humble beginnings in the cleaning industry, Envirosafe has reached out with its crusade- to clean the world Envirosafely.

Envirosafe isn’t just a product manufacturer. If you call for help, or need information on a certain cleaning situation, we are here to help. Call one of our distributors or the home office. We want to solve your cleaning problems and give you the Environment Safe Solution.

Long before “green cleaning” became a popular buzzword for today’s cleaning technology, Envirosafe had formulated solutions that were safe for the environment and for the people who used them. The vision back then was to convince the buying public that it really could be done- effective cleaning without the toxic side effects that come from using solvent or acid based, perfumed-out-of-your-mind cleaners. That vision hasn’t changed.

Even though there are now literally hundreds of so-called “green cleaners” out there, Envirosafe continues to be the frontrunner in environmentally safe cleaning solutions. Our mission, then, is:

To provide the buying public with the TRUTH about environmentally safe cleaning. It’s more than just purchasing a bottle with a green label on it. It’s understanding that we not only must clean safely, but we must reduce wasteful packaging, utilize our resources more responsibly, and use only what is needed to do the job.

At Envirosafe, we believe that education is as valuable as the products we sell. We look forward to partnering with you to clean responsibly, to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and get the toxics out of our life one swipe at a time. That’s the Envirosafe way. That’s doing the job ENVIROSAFELY.

Mike Lahey