Who We Are

Envirosafe is a privately-held company based in Holualoa, Hawaii. With roots deep in the commercial and residential cleaning industry, It’s founders looked for ways to reduce the toxic load being released into our environment each and every day. Not to long ago, there were no alternatives. Cleaners with high VOC contents,  acids, solvents and a whole host of other extremely toxic substances were all that was available to distributors and by default the mass consumers that used these products day in and day out for generations.

But now because of the internet and the widespread reach of information available to all of us. We can make better decisions on the products we use throughout our daily lives. Replacing those that might be harmful to our health, thus decreasing our quality of life. With ones that are as effective, but do not pose any long term health risks.

We here at Envirosafe still clean windows, offices, and homes to this very day. This is why  we aren’t just a product manufacturer. We also run cleaning and maintenance businesses and use our own products on a daily basis. We can really honestly say that “We put our money where our mouths are”. We have a real in-depth knowledge and understanding as to our products effectiveness and applications. Not sure about how to properly use our products? Just shoot us a line, or give us a call! We love to hear from our customers and offer tips that we have developed over our 25 years of experience.

Even though there are now literally hundreds of so-called “green cleaners”. We continue to be the forerunners in our industry .  Our mission, then, is:

To provide the buying public with environmentally friendly cleaning products while informing the general public about alternatives to the conventional, highly toxic, mass produced cleaning agents that are still in widespread use throughout the world.  It’s more than just purchasing a bottle with a green label on it.  It’s understanding the REAL & LONGTERM effects certain chemicals have in our bodies and in our enviroment.

At Envirosafe, we believe that education is as valuable as the products we sell.  Thats why you can always count on us to not only provide you with versitile, non-toxic cleaning solutions for everyday use, but also the information, know how and experience to help all of us be a little bit more environmentally educated, environmentally aware and environmentally involved.


Mike Lahey

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