Super Healer spray bottle 8oz

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For External Use Only
A water-based, bio-degradable solution for general use on animal cuts, bruises and skin irritations. Attacks infection immediately, relieves pain and will not burn tissue; encourages hair re-growth.

Active Ingredients:
Didecyl dimenthyl ammonium1.875%
n-Alkyl (C1450%, C18 10%) dimenthyl benzyl ammonium chloride1.280%
Inert Ingredients:96.877%

Apply generously to affected areas. Let dry. In severe cases soak a cotton pad and secure on affected area with use of a bandage. Repeat as necessary but no more than four times per day.

Do not take internally. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. Give water, milk or milk of magnesia to dilute. Call physician. In case of eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, call a physician.

3 reviews for Super Healer spray bottle 8oz

  1. Doris, Pet World owner & Boomer

    ” About six weeks ago I had a client in with a cocker spaniel that had terrible skin problem on his chest. I can only describe it as elephant skin. The skin was dry and flaky and he had no hair on his chest. I gave the client a bottle of Super Healer to take home and try. Two weeks later she was back with the dog and what a dramatic improvement! The skin wasn’t flaking and it was obvious that healing was taking place. It has been almost six weeks and when I saw the dog this week it was almost completely healed with most of its hair grown back.”
    Doris, Pet World owner & Boomer

  2. Sandra, a pet owner and breeder

    “I have successfully used Super Healer for my dog’s feet and fungus on the black face hair of sheep. I’ve also used it on wounds, abscesses, skin irritation on sheep, castration and tail dock¬ing. What a great product!”

  3. Tanya, a pet groomer.

    ” I had a customer with a Labrador that had hot spots on its face and had lost quite a bit of hair. I treated it with Super Healer. Two days later she called me to say the hot spots were gone! When I saw the dog two weeks later the hair was growing back nicely. I plan to recommend this to all of my customers to keep around as a first aid treatment for their animals.”

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